A touch of personality

To soften a space, to add a touch, upholstery is what it takes. Textiles set the tone of a space and with it a large part of its personality.

Tappezzeria, Un tocco di personalità


The poetry of architecture

Curtains, drapes and panels frame our views out onto the world. The soft side of architecture, they bring a poetry, as they move with the wind. A light architecture in all senses, curtains have been our specialty for more than 45 years.



Style and tactility

One of Mino's greatest passions is the processing of leather. Rich in its countless variables, and gracefully combined with other materials, leather is a soft elegance that makes every space more welcoming.



Snuggles and sweet dreams

A well decorated bed completes the room and invites us to take the utmost care of our rest. Customization begins with bed linens, passes through the bedspread and is completed with decorative pillows.

Biancheria, Le coccole e i sogni d'oro