Collect the newest trends form all over the world

The art of decoration is the art of composition. Mino itself with 500 SQM of possibilities and with the advice of passionate people guides you towards extreme customization. Fabrics and finishes of all kinds, refined materials and objects, from the soft world of textiles to stone, a playground for all those who love design.

Un paradiso, Colleziona tutte le novità del mondo


The palette of the interior decoration

With more than 4000 fabrics and finishes of all kinds, Mino helps you find the perfect combinations for you. Look, touch and never stop playing.

Tessuti, La tavolozza del decoratore d'interni


Caresses manifested

Being caressed by softness is a pleasure that makes life a little better. Mino offers the most beautiful and exclusive in the world of linen, starting from sheets to comforters, passing through bedspreads and towels.

Biancheria per la casa


The wonder of things

Beyond their function, objects have a soul. They know how to capture the gaze, bring back memories and generate emotions. Mino selects objects that have a personality and a story to recreate the harmony in interiors that matches your lifestyle.

Complementi d'arredo


The shape of comfort

To complete the design, special custom-made furniture, where wood, metal, glass and fabric coexist in a single object, conceived and designed specially for your home.

Furniture, La forma del comfort